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Coin Catalog Pro Software lets you Organize and Analyze Your Coin Collection and Investments with Power and Ease!
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12 November 2014

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This is a tool that will help manage your coin collection.

Coin Catalog Pro Coin Collecting Software is meant for numismatists or coin collectors. This tool will help track, manage and understand their coin portfolio. You can easily get a summary report on your coin collection. Reports can tell you what your gold and silver holdings are and determine profit averages and gains. Besides being a popular and serious hobby, this could be a sound investment strategy too. To be able to make buy and sell decisions you have to have a very precise understanding of your holdings first. One could, of course use an Excel spreadsheet to track the value of the coins you hold. But, that gets quite cumbersome soon as the volume of your holding increases. Databases available online can help. You need to be connected all the time, however. There will also be a regular payment involved. This tool lets you have your very own database that is always available to you Internet connection or no connection.

Unlike hosted solutions, there are no privacy concerns when you are the master of your data. This has a simple interface and is quite intuitive. Most users would be able to get productive very quickly. The controls are also well laid out. Users will be able to figure out what to do and how to do it. You can have photographs of the coins included in the database and there’s a photo viewer integrated in the interface. Other attachment can be included in the database. Keep track of purchases and sales you make. Price tracking from well known sources like RedBook, Numismedia, and PCGS, etc. is possible. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, this is a good candidate for a trial in your exact set up.

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Organize and Analyze Your Coin Investments with Power and Ease!
Collecting coins is a tremendously popular hobby and also a serious investment strategy for some people. However, to make key decisions in purchasing and selling coins, one really needs to better understand their rare and unique coin portfolio.
Until now this often involved keeping a catalog of detailed notes in a personal collecting notebook, or saving coin information into a standard Excel spreadsheet. While better than nothing, these types of solutions are often cumbersome, tedious, and do not let the collector fully understand their coin portfolio data.
Online coin collection databases exist, but inputting your personal coin investment information online has its limitations - for one, you must always be connected to the internet. Internet based software can be slow and clunky, and you often must pay a fee to have your data hosted. By nature, your coin information in an internet database is no longer truly secure (and could lead to disastrous consequences if your valuables were made public). The only way to truly keep your coin data private is to keep the coin information on your own PC.
Benefits of Coin Catalog Pro:
*Maintain detailed data for all of your coins in one powerful software database
*Analyze your coin data to maximize your coin portfolio purchases
*Sort and filter your data by coin type, cost, grading authority, grade, etc.
*Save photos, documents and attachments alongside each coin - no more searching!
*Facilitate coin or numismatic purchases and sales on auction sites like eBay
*Print individual coin reports or entire inventory reports
*Software allows for two coin pricing sources (RedBook, Numismedia, PCGS)
*Quickly determine profit and gains statistics on coins and coin groups
*Manage your coin portfolio like a true professional
*Keep your valuable coin data information secure and For Your Eyes Only
*Fully Understand the Value of Your Coin Collection
Coin Catalog Pro
Coin Catalog Pro
Version 2.4.7
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